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My Favorite Businesses - Reviewed on Yelp

Some of these I've reviewed and I just like them--others are my clients. The full set of businesses I've reviewed is here.

My friend Garth Ankeny owns A&T Tire and Wheel, a tire shop in North Portland. Garth and I did Satch Carlson's Rally of the Lost Patrol (6000 mile winter rally in the Arctic). A&T does tires for street cars, and also supplies tires at PIR for many local amateur racers.

King Burrito, just down the street from me. My source for lunch at least once a week!

The Vancouver location for MAACO Auto Body--these guys are awesome, and went way above and beyond to take care of me.

Back when I had my Lotus, Craig at The Jag Shop was the ticket to getting the Esprit Turbo from way over the emissions limits to down to about 1/3 of the allowed emissions. He clearly knows what he's doing!

My friend Sean Heyworth does remodeling in Portland. He first was referred to me by a friend of mine in Rotary, and did a fantastic job with a major remodel of my house in North Portland. He became a friend, and then ended up joining Rotary as well :-)

Von Ray Johnson's not only one of the nicest guys on the planet, but also an amazing personal trainer. And, he does a ton of community service on the side, mostly with kids having a rough time growing up and who need a little direction.

HTG Inc. - Kermit Macaulay has an amazing operation here, doing some incredibly big and complex technology rollouts.

Joanne Rollins is a client of mine, and runs a wonderful framing business in NW Portland.

Teresa Sullivan of Mango African Safaris is a client, a friend, and fellow entrepreneur...and nobody knows Africa like she does!

McGrew and Associates is a private investigation and security company in San Jose, specializing in guard card training.

Ryan Anfuso is a new client of mine--he's a criminal defense attorney in Portland.

Amy Boggs is a client, and her company, Sparkling Palaces, offers local house cleaner services in Portland.

Michael Pierce's Top Flight Transportation is a freight broker service in Beaverton.

Jonathan Alper is a bankruptcy attorney in Orlando, FL, and a client of mine.

Michael Nagel is a counsellor and hypnotherapist, and a client of mine here in Portland.

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